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Trailers/Teasers and music videos


The offical poster for our latest Feature Film. Design and photography by Clinton Lofthouse, graphics by Mark Larkworthy. An 80s/90s inspired surreal horror film. 

A behind the scenes video of our cast and crew from the very first day on set of 'Party of Valice'  which has just finished post production and will aim for release late 2019 upon. Filming took part in Hull and Snowdonia (Wales).


(Currently seeking UK distribution. US distribution with High Octane Pictures late 2018)

Our latest feature length horror film based in Yorkshire and set loosely in the 80s. An atmospheric horror Directed and Produced by Maria Lee Metheringham, written by Will and Maria Metheringham and Cinematography and Editing by Gary Rogers.

A sweet old man living on his farm with his prized pumpkin patch is tormented by the local youths who destroy everything he loves in one evening of revenge. He is consumed by the chemicals within the pumpkins and something sinister rises from the ground. A rampage of death and terror ensues and the unlucky survivalists and local people get caught up in the carnage.


A music video for the song 'Romancing the Wrong Love', featuring the vocals and staring Jessica Jay (Actress and TV Presenter). Directed by Maria Lee Metheringham, Song written by Will Metheringham and Cinematography and editing by Bow Donne Sorn.


Our very first lynchian inspired thriller feature film, which was released onto DVD and online in 2016. The sequal to our first thriller The Photographer: Inside the Mind of a Psycho. Directed by Maria Lee Metheringham, Written by Will Metheringham, Cinematography and editing by Bow Donne Sorn.

A young aspiring model goes missing and her sister goes to Detective Cross in order to locate her whereabouts. Detective Cross is very much aware of a strange photographer who comes and goes without leaving a trace, making many young girls dissapear into another world, never to be found ever again.


The official music video for Pop Will Eat Itself's 'Oldskool Cool' .

Directed and Cinematography by Maria Lee Metheringham. Editing by Bow Donne Sorn.

Deadly Sin

A music video for the song 'Deadly Sin' by Great Northern Hotel. remixed by Pop Will Eat Itself.  Directed by Maria Lee Metheringham. Cinematography and Editing by Bow Donne Sorn.