About Us


Great Northern Productions UK Ltd is a film and media production company set up by Actress, Director, Producer and Writer Maria Lee Metheringham with her writing partner Will Metheringham. Maria and Will started making films as an experiment/hobby in 2005, using second hand faulty SD cameras, favours from friends and cheap local locations. Mainly inspired by the works of David Lynch, Michael Mann and John Carpenter , they made quirky, unusual and thriller.horror style shorts and features which were screened locally upon completion.  Maria and Will have always worked as a three person team, initially working with Anthony Brehms during college and university who was cinematographer and editor, making films such as 'The Photographer: Inside the Mind of  Pyscho',' Nights End' and 'The Triangle'.

After Anthony Brehms steered away from the film making industry to concentrate on a more secure office type job.  Maria and Will teamed up with Bow Donne Sorn as their new cinematographer/editor to make a number of music videos, feature films and short films such as 'Inside the Dark Room', 'Hidden Camera' and 'Snuff Reel', all DVD distributions through World Wide Multi Media. throughout the US , China and Europe. Maria and Will decided to up the quality and level of film making after gaining more knowledge and experience and learning from working on other film sets and collaborations.

Due to Bow Donne Sorn's commitment to his full time job he was unable to commit to lengthly film shoots in far away locations, which brought them to team up with full time Cinematographer and Editor, Gary Rogers.  They moved everything up to the next level of quality and professionalism, making their first mainstream horror feature film 'PUMPKINS' with a team of experienced Actors and crew, filming from October 2016 to October 2017 in various locations in the North of England.

Great Northern Productions UK is now in pre productions with their next horror feature film 'Party of Valice', with another 5 scripts in development.

Also attached to the company is the band Great Northern Hotel, which was created by songwriter/musician Will Metheringham who writes music for the band, for solo albums and EP's, collaborations with other musicians and music for film. Working with band members Neil Chatterton (lead guitar/vocals), Kate Lee (lead vocals) and Maria Lee Metheringham (vocals).


Maria Lee Metheringham is an Actress, Director, Producer and Writer from Hull, East Yorkshire. She holds a BA Hons Degree in Acting and has been making her own films since 2005.  Specialising in low budget horror and thriller, self funded but always completes her goals efficiently and on time. Maria is also a trained Model and Dancer.

(Maria Lee Metheringham)

Will Metheringham is a musician and writer also from Hull, East Yorkshire. He holds a BA Hons Degree in Music Production and Technology. Front man of band Great Northern Hotel. He has been writing music since and age of 15 and writing films for the last 15 years. He is a horror film enthusiast and works in the creative industry alongside a full time job.

(Will Metheringham)

Gary Rogers is a Cinematographer, Editor, Film maker and Writer from the West Midlands, who works full time in the creative industry for various different film and TV companies throughout the UK. He is the Manager of Pixel Perfection Media and Xpress Film Academy. Also organiser at Birmingham Festival of Terror.

(Gary Rogers)